Friday, November 7, 2008

Christmas Concert Checklist

While Christmas is a hectic season for most people, it hurls forward at a maddening pace for musicians, and shoots by at warp speed for choir and band directors. The annual Christmas concert requires a great deal of preparation and organization. The following checklist is provided to help your event run more smoothly:


8 weeks before: Finalize selection of music. (I actually begin selecting music 3-4 months prior to the concert because my groups only meet once per week to practice.) Secure location and date. Communicate date to students.
7 weeks before: Announce dates of solo auditions.
6 weeks before: Begin memorizing music.
5 weeks before: Hold auditions for solos.
4 weeks before: Announce soloists.
3 weeks before: Finalize order of performances and begin preparing concert program
2 weeks before: Make sure students know dates, times, and locations for dress rehearsals and concert.
1 week before: Final rehearsals should be concert run-throughs with all music memorized. Remind students about proper concert attire and appropriate concert behavior.
4 hours before: Arrive to begin setup.
3 hours before: Students arrive for dress rehearsal/walk-through.
30 minutes before: All dress rehearsals should be finished as audience begins to arrive.
When concert begins: Enjoy each moment and bask in the success of all your hard work.

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