Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Music Product: Sheet Music on-a-Stick

Imagine sheet music to your favorite songs on your computer screen. Picture yourself changing the tempo, key signature, or instrument sound. Visualize playing along with muted tracks with the notes lighting up as they are to be played. All of this is available on a USB drive, aptly called "Sheet Music on-a-Stick" by FreeHand Systems.

To date, Sheet Music on-a-Stick offers collections for guitar/vocal, piano/vocal and piano solo. The piano music may be printed - up to two times per song. Each USB drive includes 25 or mores songs. Tracks may be muted to provide opportunities to play along with accompaniment. And each set of 25 songs is only $24.95.* It's like buying a music book that can be opened on your computer with the ability to make changes to the key, tempo, and sound.

Order yours today and watch for more interactive sheet music collections to become available soon.

*$39.95 for Beatles Vol. 1&2

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