Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Music Lessons for the New Year!

January is a time for beginning new things. After blowing our diets and budgets over Christmas, we resolve to lose weight, eat healthier, pay off our debts, and manage our money more effectively. Resolutions that are born from short-term feelings of guilt often have short endurance. There is one resolution, however, that is requires a long-term commitment and is, therefore, often continued through-out the year. It is the resolution to learn a musical instrument.

While the back-to-school season is the most common time to begin music lessons because we’re in the “back-to-school” mode, January is the second-most popular time for new music students to findmusic teachers. Perhaps someone received a new instrument for Christmas. Maybe a New Year’s Resolution is the driving force. Or the down time following Christmas has given room for pursuing new activities. Whatever the reason, students are looking for instructors in January and the smart music teacher will be ready to be found.

Teachers and students can find each other through the Music Teacher Locator. Teachers register their contact information and other criteria such as location, instrument, style, etc. Students enter instrument and zip code to find a teacher in their area. Everyone wins!

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