Thursday, August 14, 2008

Music for Homeschoolers, part 2

Here is a quick outline of possible music education projects for homeschoolers.

Music Education Resources for Homeschoolers

I. Music Theory

A. Master Theory – a series of 6 workbooks, available at a relatively low cost, that take a student from the basic fundamentals through advanced harmony and arranging. Highly recommended for all college-bound music majors.
B. Music Flashcards – flashcards with rhythms, notes, musical terms, etc. for review. Many brands available.
C. Handoutscontact me
1. Musical Form
2. Composition
3. Advanced Rhythm Patterns

II. Music History

A. Online Sources

1. Music History 102
written by Robert Sherrane, Cataloging Librarian, Julliard School - good overview of the main periods with links to more specific information
2. Essentials of Music
outline of the musical periods with inclusive information on composers and a musical glossary
B. Books/Videos
1. Classical Kids video series – Beethoven Lives Upstairs, etc.
2. composer biographies – available at most libraries
C. Handoutscontact me
1. Composer Reports
2. Music History Outline

III. Music Appreciation

A. Attend Concerts
– some orchestras have discounted student tickets and some are even free
For Denver metro area:
1. Colorado Symphony
2. Jefferson County Symphony
3. CU in Boulder (or any university) – student recitals are usually free
For outside of Denver/Boulder area: Search online for concerts in your area. Especially look for university music departments
B. Listen to quality music
1. Checkout classical recordings from the library – Sousa is a good band composer to listen to
2. Most media stores carry Classical CD’s and they are often priced much lower than pop music
C. Handouts contact me for evaluation forms

IV. Music Professions and Avocations

A. Music Professions – - an overview of possible careers in music
B. Music Avocationscontact me for handout
C. Research any category from either of the above on the internet.

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